Expert Practice Light

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The perfect complement to your practice gate! This light is compatible with the Cartessa AGC-4P practice controller. It is priced right and uses the same great LEDs and circuitry as the pro sized light, but in a compact portable size. The light itself is about 6 inches tall. The tripod raises it to 36 inches from the ground. Placed 10 feet away from your practice gate with give the visual effect of having my pro light about 30 feet away. What makes my light better than the competition?

  • The 25 foot cord is replaceable. If it gets damaged simply buy a new one for $10 and plug it in.
  • Tripod included with the light. Competition sells theirs with a wooden stick!
  • Tripod has a gooseneck allowing you to adjust angle of light for odd terrain.
  • 12 LEDs per section instead of 7
  • Sells for much less!